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WYR visit Disney or Universal for a week?

My family and I went to Disney and Universal a few months ago. We visited theme parks of both. Somehow, we rode every single ride in both and went to every park. We only missed one ride because my dad and I were both too scared to ride it.

Disney is full of princesses and Mickey Mouse, even though it has Star Wars and Epcot Center. My sister really loved Disney World, but it wasn’t my top pick.

Universal has amazing rides and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WWOHP)! It also has great shows and cool 4d experiences.

Before we went, I read all of the Harry Potter books. My mom, my sister and I wanted to catch up on the story so we watched every Harry Potter movie. Also, I got all caught up with the Star Wars movies with my dad.

Universal was so cool that in the WWOHP the pictures in the newspapers actually moved! They had places like Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and the dark Knockturn Alley. We ate at the REAL Leaky Cauldron that was designed just like it was in the books and rode the REAL Hogwarts Express. I rode the “Dragon Challenge” way too many times (5 times). Nadia is six and, while she handled most of the rides, on some she just didn’t want to ride. So my parents did a child swap on those. This means he’d ride with me and then my mom would ride with me. Sooo, yeah, I rode each of the hardest rides at least twice!

Disney parks were great too! In EPCOT Center, they had great things related to science. One of my favorite rides was the Fast Track, in which you could build your own car. How you build it changed the amount of fun on your ride. BTW, make sure you focus on aerodynamics for your car.

If you had to choose between Universal Studios or Disney world, I would personally recommend Universal Studios. Disney is great too, but if you’re looking for more rides and adventure, go to Universal.

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