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How to ACHIEVE Goals as a Kid Entrepreneur

When you want to learn something, the way to absorb it the quickest and the fullest is through full immersion. That is, diving in like into a pool of water, and surrounding yourself with all aspects and knowledge of the subject. Top athletes and performers do it. Not only do they engage in their art through play, but they also work out, watch the sport on TV, study the greats, buy and wear the colors/logo/equipment, etc.
Some performers start off strong. They set a goal and start working. But then the work gets to be something they didn’t expect. It becomes too tough to really be great, and so, they fall off – they lose interest or they switch focus. And then they fall back in line with the rest of the average folk who are also comfortable with doing the same. They may even stay in the activity, but they aren’t pushing to set themselves apart from the others.
To become an elite performer you must push through the pain that most avoid. 
The thing that drives those few top performers who rank elite is that they usually have a good reason for pushing through to the top. They have something that is driving them to not only set their goals, but to follow through and achieve them. That reason, getting them from A-Z is a consequence and reward.
Consequences and rewards are what can make the difference between being regular and being remarkable. 
But here’s the trick: the consequence/reward has to be stronger than the pain of the task; it has to push you to be obsessive about the task.
If you want to be an elite kid entrepreneur you will need to take steps the average kidpreneur isn’t willing to take. The consequence and reward can be the catalyst to push you out of your comfort zone and do the thing others aren’t willing to do. If you want to achieve something you’ve never achieved before, set goals that push you beyond where you are comfortable.
Let’s think about an example:
Scenario: You are in a chorus and have a concert performance in a few months.

How you will set yourself apart: You volunteer to do a solo at the concert
Your goal: To successfully perform a solo at the upcoming concert
What is the consequence?: While others are working hard to learn the songs, you are working even harder to learn the songs AND make sure your voice is at it’s best. Unlike the others, you won’t be able to blend in with those around you if your voice is off. The consequence of NOT working hard is that you will feel upset and embarrassed if you aren’t ready in time for the performance. That consequence is stronger than the work required to practice harder than the others.
What is the reward?: Months ago when you set your goal, you also convinced your parents to agree to a karaoke sleepover party at your house once your goal was complete. You can now enjoy your reward! …in addition to the confidence and drive your solo performance has given you.
How can you apply this to your business? As you are planning your business and setting goals, know what the consequences and rewards are that you can associate with each goal. Plan a goal that is uncomfortable, then think about rewards that will truly get you excited and the consequences that will truly make you afraid enough to push through the hard spots.

Mommy Seed, or Nikki Lewis, is mom to Nigel and Nadia of Loose Seeds and wife to Daddy Seed. She’s living her dream life crafting fun, kidpreneur-focused content for Loose Seeds and helping parents help their own kids launch a biz. Happiest days consist of coffee, computer, comfy chair, cozy blanket, and quiet.


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