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This is a SLIMEY Business!

Do you have a kid who wants to start a business? Keep reading…

My kids, Nigel and Nadia, have been at it, building their business since 2016 when they were 10 and 6 years old. They’re now up to seven sources of income under the Loose Seeds business umbrella (proud momma moment), including website merchandise, outdoor sales, demo fees at events, etc. But a source they absolutely love is building their Loose Seeds YouTube channel.

I have to admit, it’s super fun for me too. I get to watch them try crazy foods, teach kids about business, compete against each other in challenges and, basically, they do what we encourage others to do: “explore your genius.”

One thing they’ve explored is making slime. If you watch our channel (or have your kids watch) you’ll see they failed at making slime LOTS of times before they got it right. Yeah, my hubby (the chef of the house) was real happy about his kitchen getting slimed repeatedly. But when they DID get it right what do you think these kidpreneurs did? Of course! They sold it! ?

But instead of selling pre-made slime like is commonly sold at events and in stores, Nigel and Nadia wanted to keep in the theme of encouraging others to explore their genius. So they put together and sold diy slime KITS instead. This gives the customer the opportunity to make the slime on their own, putting their creative touch on it, seeing for themselves how the wet and dry ingredients come together to create this gooey creation of fun.

Nigel and Nadia have sold hundreds of these DIY Slime Kits door-to-door in the neighborhood, at business events, to businesses, etc to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Here’s the thing, since they had so many slime FAILS when they got it right they got it really right. So many people tell us that they too tried making slime with their kids and it never came out right. Well, the portions in these slime kits are measured in a way that results in seriously perfect slime each time.

You know slime is super hot right now. It’s everywhere. Every kid wants it.

And here’s where YOUR kid comes in…How about instead of just buying some slime for your kid you give them a way to make their own money from it! For your budding kidpreneur I actually wrote down the exact blueprint my kids used for slime kit sales. You can get your kid this digital book so they can get to selling their own slime kits and start making money by next week!

It’s a 19-page blueprint where your kid will discover the secrets to making and selling slime kits. Look at all you’ll get:

  • Detailed, kid-friendly, instructions
  • My secret ingredient that will make your kids business stand out from the rest.
  • A materials list to buy everything you need for the PERFECT slime recipe
  • My five requirements to ensure success
  • How to find the perfect price for your slime
  • Tips for making even more profit! and
  • How and where to sell your slime kits!
All your kid will need to do is put the kits together, put their magic on it and get out there and sell! Easy peasy! You can get my digital ebook here:  I WANT IT!

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