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About Loose Seeds

LOOSE SEEDS is a multi-media company providing fun, family entertainment through online video content. The brand - which has reached over 22 million video views on YouTube - stars parents Nikki and Trey, and their kids Nigel and Nadia.

Our Mission & Vision

The Loose Seeds vision is to ENTERTAIN, EMPOWER and EDUCATE. That vision is carried out via the Loose Seeds family of YouTube channels, podcast, ebooks, courses, merchandise, live product demos, acting, licensing and social media.

The Loose Seeds mission is to be the go-to example and resource for creating a fun, fulfilling business as a family - parent and kid as partners.


Our Backstory

Loose Seeds was founded in 2017 with a simple request: Nigel, then 10 years old, asked mom for more video games. Mom (Mommy Seed), having received the request one too-many times, told Nigel to start a business and buy his own video games. He accepted the challenge and Mommy Seed took on the task of teaching him how to start and run a business...but not without daughter Nadia.

Only six years old at the time, Nadia refused to be left behind. She wanted in on the business too. So the three - mom and two kids - launched Loose Seeds as partners. Hubby, Tre (Daddy Seed), continued to work his full time job but became the main business cheerleader behind the scenes.

The brand launched with online merchandise like t-shirts and mugs. Later the trio packaged and sold diy slime kits (selling them irl and online), was hired to conduct educational STEM demos based on the product, and won entrepreneurial awards at business fairs.

To promote Loose Seeds, Mommy Seed wanted to showcase the kidpreneurs behind the brand so prospective customers could get to know them and see their hard work and commitment. From this the Loose Seeds YouTube channel was born.

They quickly realized they had a love for creating video content. Mommy Seed learned the ins-and-outs of success in front of, and behind, the camera and taught those lessons to Nadia and Nigel. Daddy Seed joined the family in front of the camera as well.

Making videos for the channel was so fulfilling that the four pivoted to fully focus on growing a content business, as a family.

Meet The Team

Learn how to gain financial freedom…as a family, through online business with Mommy Seed (aka Nikki)
Level up your sneaker game with perspective from a dad (aka Trey) and teen son, Nigel
Gaming is life.
See what life is like when you “make not normal the new normal”

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