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We are Nigel and Nadia – kidprenuers for kids like you who want to explore your genius. In our business, we offer you literal illustrations of motivational quotes printed on various items like T-shirts. You can find them in our STORE. If you want to get to know us, check out our ABOUT page. We talk about all kinds of things we’re thinking on our BLOG, and if you want to have some fun, click on SUBSCRIBE for our YoutTube channel. Wanna start your own business? Our mom can help with that. Have your PARENTS CLICK HERE.


I’m Nigel and I was born in 2006. See how quickly you can do the math to find out how old I am. I like to play soccer and video games. I also like to work on my business, Loose Seeds. I like reading and doing STEM Fair. I also like going to my friend’s houses and playing outside with them. My favorite food is pizza, and my favorite sport is soccer. My favorite player is Messi, though my fave team is Arsenal. I love to read “Harry Potter”, “A series of Unfortunate Events”, and the “Nick and Tesla” series’. If I could get a pet it would be a husky. My favorite movie is Rogue One. I believe that anybody can have a business no matter what age, color, gender or anything they are.

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I’m Nadia and I was born in 2010. I like playing with Barbie dolls in my Barbie house. I like watching TV, reading things like the kid’s bible, and taking spa baths. My favorite food is mac & cheese. My favorite sport is swimming. My fave movie is “The Sound of Music”. I like to play dress up. I also like playing with water balloons. I love to sing and do arts & crafts. I like watching Annia and Elsia videos on Youtube. I believe that you will like our business because we work really hard on it and because of all the fun things on it. Also, we make really cool shirts and things.

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