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I'm Nikki, aka Mommy Seed. I started Loose Seeds - an online business focused on a content creation - with my kids as my partners back in 2017, which was kind of a shock because I've always been a brick-and-mortar business kinda girl. I've owned businesses in the physical world since I was a kid myself. I've owned a cookie business, catering business, writing service, real estate investing company, restaurants and many other businesses over the years. I love business for the ability to do something you love and for the ability to control how much money you make. But nothing is more satisfying than pursuing financial freedom not just solo, but with my family. I want other parents to know the joy and satisfaction we experience growing this business together. Stay with me and learn how you can do the same with your own family.

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I am an affiliate for these companies. That means when you click and make a purchase I make a commission on your qualifying purchase. There is no extra cost to you. In fact, many times you will receive a discount through my link. However, know that I am recommending products that I truly believe will help your business growth, not just because of the small commission I will earn.

- Nikki

When I’m not listening to a podcast or YouTube video, I’m reading a book…or usually listening to a book. I use Audible (which is books in audio form) to help me continue to educate myself even on the go…or should I say, in the shower, because that’s where I listen a lot.
I have read ton of books through Audible, some educational, some just fiction or comedy. There are thousands of books on there.

And since you and I are in business with our kids I’ll let you in on a secret – I like to get my kids the physical copy of business books – age appropriate ones – and then I’ll get the Audible version so I can speed through reading it. That way I can have talks with them about what they’re reading and it doesn’t take away from the books I’m reading on my own.

One of the first business books I had them read was The Positive Dog by Jon Gordon. It’s a super easy read for kids and very good at getting their mindset right as they start their business journey. You can get it (or most any book) on Audible through the button on the left. AND by clicking that button you will get your first month FREE!

This design site makes designing as simple as click, drag and drop. Figure out your brand colors, logo and fonts and save them as a brand kit in Canva Pro so you can easily incorporate your brand into all of your design projects. You can create things like your logo, your YouTube channel banner, and even resize creations for your social media posts.

AND you’re gonna get your first month of Canva Pro for FREE as a new customer by clicking the button on the left.

I’ve used other email marketing platforms and ConvertKit is by far my fave. Having direct access to your audience, through gathering email addresses, not only puts you in the drivers seat, but helps you grow your business through targeted messages to your audience. ConvertKit lets you target through segmented lists. Now you can test drive ConvertKit for FREE by clicking the link on the left.

Before you edit that first YouTube video you want to make sure you have some good elements to keep your audience engaged. Envato Elements is what I use, and have used for years, for music, sound effects, photos and graphics in all of our videos.

And the best part, as an Envato member, you get a digital license to each element you use in your project . That means you’re not worrying about copyright infringement when you upload your videos to YouTube. You’re protected.

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